Top 10 Gift Trends for the Holiday Season

Did you know that the Filipinos celebrates the longest Christmas?

Yes, Filipinos begin to celebrate the Christmas Season as early as September, with the arrival of the so-called “ber” months. This basically refers to all of the months that ends with “ber”, which starts from September and ends with December.

While the festivities arrive at its peak in December, here are the 10 gift trends for the Holiday Season of 2021.

  1. DIY, Hand-made, Personalized Gifts

Topping the list of the gift trends are do-it-yourself, hand-made, or personalized gifts. Receivers also appreciate their items more if they know that its specially made or chosen for them.

  1. Clothes

You can never go wrong with giving clothes to everyone, especially when you choose to buy at a single store. Most people prefer this option as some stores offer discounts and promotions if buying in bulk.

  1. Food

From home-cooked meals and baked goodies, the rise of small food businesses has increased during the pandemic. Also, the thought of giving and receiving food always warms the hearts of everyone.

  1. Gift Boxes

Gift boxes have also become a huge deal in 2021 with gift boxes that has several items inside, from mugs, planners, eye-masks, and other essentials. Many would opt to select this gift-giving method for convenience and functionality.

  1. New-Normal Essentials

You shouldn’t worry about running out of ideas. These new-normal essentials can be easily found in several platforms and can be gifted to anyone regardless of age or gender. These essentials may range from hand-sanitizers, alcohol sprays, face masks, and more.

  1. Skincare Products

As people begin to dedicate time to self-care, affordable and effective skincare products have become more accessible to the market. In 2021, there were also more skincare brands that focuses on organic and all-natural products that attracted many customers.


  1. Home decorations

Similar to DIYing, many people at home are beginning to acknowledge their craftiness and handiness in terms of assembling furniture and rearranging their homes. Also, many have shifted to a work-from-home set-up, which highlighted the need of arranging and establishing home offices and work stations.


  1. Plants

In the midst of the pandemic, people turned to taking care of plants from small succulents to big leafy plants to cope up with the huge changes in their lives. Sourcing from different parts of the country, plants are definitely gifts that can warm the house and can serve as a thoughtful gift for everyone.


  1. Journals and planners

As the year ends, a new one will be starting soon. Along with this comes the new year’s resolutions of many. Planners and calendars can also be gifted, especially to those who love to plan and make notes for themselves.


  1. Gift Cards or Vouchers

Gift cards or vouchers can also be given this Holiday Season if you want to give gifts generally. These can be gift cards from stores such as Starbuck’s or any retail stores that issues gift cards. These are perfect for those who still don’t know what to buy and give someone for the Holidays.


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