The Importance of Staying Relevant in 2022

Viral and trendy.

These are the common words that everyone is seemingly aiming for. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but your brand or your products must go viral in the right way.

But in the e-commerce industry, staying relevant and updated to the latest trends are not enough. There is a saying “easy come, easy go”. Your products must also be good for a long-term something and not just something that only stays relevant in the shelves for a short period of time.

One example are the hoverboards, which was one of the in-demand and popular toys way back Although they were accepted by the market and its target customers well, there were many complications that followed its release in the market. One of which are the issues of safety compliance and standards while others consist of prohibitions of using and riding these hoverboards in public places in several countries. At first, hoverboards seemed to be everyone’s must-haves. Now, minimum to zero attention has been given to hoverboards over time.

Not short term lang, but something consistent for the long term

Through the right promotions and marketing, your products must catch the eye of the public in such a way that your product can be acknowledged and used for a long-term duration. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Do Market Research

Market research serves as a crucial role in making decisions. It can also help you stay in the loop of what is new and how can the market react to it. This is also helpful if you are planning to launch a new product since it can help you narrow your target audience and identify the right promotions for them.

  1. Read the News, Stay on Social Media

One of the efficient ways to stay updated on the latest trends is being present in social media. Social media has become the place where almost everything is updated. Through social media as well, you can see the engagements of social media users to different products and services. Through liking, following, and subscribing to the right news channel and content outlets, you’re able to interact with the latest news and happening in the world.


  1. Watch Out for Your Competitors

You can keep up with the latest trends in the line of your products by keeping a watchful eye on your competitors. If they are trying something new, that may be a sign for you to try something new or branch out to a new venture as well.


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