How To Handle Customer Service Influx During the Holidays?

Every holiday season, everyone is always in a rush to buy gifts or to avail certain services at the last minute. Though this may pose as a problem to some, these rise or influx in the people must always be dealt in the best way possible. This includes providing a good quality service and reaching for customer satisfaction, despite all the rush and worries.

Here are a few tricks from our sleeves:

  1. Respond Well and Actively

When a customer has an inquiry about a certain product, there is only a matter time before their interest and attention is elsewhere. Especially during the holidays, people would be scrambling to find last minute gifts. There are instances when a certain store takes too long to reply or when a customer isn’t being entertained to their needs, customers would opt to find another store that could cater their needs. From experience, customers are also more likely to interact with a store that answers their inquiries immediately and completely.

  1. Optimize Tools

In your social media pages and websites, there are automated setting that can be utilized for when a customer is interested about an item. There are chatbots that can be set and customized according to your business and products. There are also interactive menus where customers can click an option from a selection that can answer common questions such as a pricelist or the location of your store.

  1. Hire a Customer Service Representative

The last option would be is to hire a customer service representative who would be entirely dedicated in interacting with your customers. Lucky for you, Forfos can handle anything from providing social media management services to providing customer service representatives. We can get you the help that you need whether it is answering inquiries, getting feedbacks, or resolving customer-related issues.

Don’t let the upcoming holiday seasons stress you out and reach out to us through our website or through our social media pages below:





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