What is Multi-Channeling and How It Can Help You

Maybe you might have heard of it or maybe you aren’t just aware that your business is doing it, but multi-channeling is a big thing.

Multi-channel simply refers to the utilization of multiple channels for marketing a product or service. This doesn’t directly mean using social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Multi-channels may include but not limited to advertisements in television, radio, or billboards. This may also include promotions through SMS, emails, and the utilization of prints such as flyers or brochures.

Basically, multi-channels mean being present in different channels or mediums

Having multiple channels for your business can also help your business reach a wider audience and market since it enables multiple interaction with potential customers.

Multi-channel marketing can also help you if you plan on accommodating international customers. There different platforms that can be used to cater local and international customers. Since some platforms are exclusive for international countries, you, as a business owner, may require to have multiple channels such as Etsy or Shopify. These channels have partnered with international payment providers that can enables you to have a transaction with an international customer; thus, reaching more customers and gaining a new market.

Not all people use the same platforms when it comes to shopping or browsing items online. Some may limit their interaction to Facebook and Instagram while others use Pinterest and Esty. Multi-channels allow you to interact with customers on different platforms and provides a venue for your products and services to be seen by other people.

Lastly, having multiple channels for your business can help you increase customer acquisitions. One known multi-channel marketing strategy is that of Starbuck’s loyalty program, Starbuck’s Reward App. This where customer can earn points by ordering food and beverage in exchange of points, which can be converted to claiming rewards. Through this application, customers are likely to consume their products since they are encouraged by free items or refills

However, not all are able to shift their businesses to an online platform and not everyone can handle them efficiently and simultaneously, especially if you are new in handling multiple platforms for your business.

To help you with this, Forfos specializes in providing social media management that can help you manage all of your platforms and channels to reach and engage with more customers.

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