The Impact of Social Media to Your Business

Did you know that the plural form of medium is media?

Social media refers to the numerous platforms or mediums that can be accessed through the internet such as Facebook and Instagram. Technology has allowed people to purchase items and transact online from their respective homes, transforming social media platforms into online marketplaces.

A Pulse Asia survey in September reveals that Facebook is the most popular social media platform among Filipino internet users, along with YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The survey also revealed that 99% of the 2,400 respondents use the internet to check their social media feeds and accounts.

With that, social media can be utilized as a tool for your business to grow. Here a few reasons why you should also use social media:

  • It can give your business a wider reach.

Social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram, provide analytical tools that can help business owners and marketers to target specific audiences that are in line with their products and services. These platforms also provide you with a platform to conduct different advertisement campaigns to reach potential customers that are might be interested in your products.


  • It can help you connect with a diverse audience

These online platforms provide business owners a venue for people to see and interact with your products and services with the right promotion. By selecting the right objectives and targeting the right audience, you can increase your business’s traffic and engagement.


  • It can promote brand awareness

Through the analytical and marketing tools, you can leave an impact to your customers and audiences in the long run. This allows them to recall and recognize the quality of your products or services when they are deciding on where to purchase.


These marketing tools can be confusing and time-consuming to learn in the beginning, but Forfos is here to help your business grow online and reach more people. Forfos can also provide you numerous experts to help you incorporate your business to an online set-up and to manage your social media accounts efficiently and effectively.


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